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Shared vision and corporate approach

We appreciate that principals have unique skills and abilities which are invaluable when supporting their academies to achieve. We respect their professionalism and independence in all things; but believe strongly that there should be a shared vision and corporate approach to key elements of the work of all academies within the Inspirational Futures Trust family which all members actively support.

These include:

  • The unequivocal support and promotion of the principles and values of Inspirational Futures Trust
  • To always seek higher standards for students, staff performance and academic outcomes
  • To demonstrate their commitment to corporate policies and protocols
  • To respond positively to Inspirational Futures Trust requests and requirements, including supporting other academies when needed
  • Working collaboratively with the Inspirational Futures Trust network of academies to offer good practice case studies, develop shared materials and new corporate approaches as requested
  • To adhere to Inspirational Futures Trust key messages and PR strategies
  • To contribute to the development of the corporate network and brand as well as their individual academy.