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Collaboration, CPD and Training Opportunities

Working collaboratively and learning from each other is an essential part of the development of a robust and high quality network of academies. We believe that it is important for colleagues within our network of academies to be given the opportunity to meet, share information and to access high quality training opportunities.

Inspirational Futures Trust will:

  • Operate a number of key forums to support collaboration and sharing. These will include:
    • A principal’s forum in which we share discussion about educational strategy, new initiatives and corporate views and approaches to government thinking
    • Finance and administration networks
    • Individual subject forums including core subjects, vocational accreditation etc.
  • Offer a comprehensive programme of CPD opportunities, based on needs analysis for all staff (teaching and non-teaching)
  • Ensure academies have access to best practice websites and opportunities through new technologies to share practice
  • Host an annual conference that ensures principals and senior leaders have access to high quality presenters and thinking which will also include the sharing of best practice within the network and nationally.

The aim is to create a vibrant and effective network of academies that collectively seek continuous improvement, working collaboratively to achieve that for all. All of the services outlined will be available to all academies. Further advice and support can purchased at a daily rate.

Academies that are facing significant difficulty will be able to draw on colleagues for support when it is felt appropriate. Funding will not prevent adequate support being provided to all those within the network that need to improve.

A student forum will operate giving the receivers of education a voice.

Research and development will be on going in areas identified by academies as needing consideration. The outcomes will be shared across the network.