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Supporting academies

In an ever changing educational landscape, the Inspirational Futures Trust recognises that each academy joining us has specific needs and challenges they need to overcome. Our core services are provided centrally and are designed to provide academies with the support advice and guidance in the key areas that we believe are needed to achieve success.

Managed by a highly skilled team of educationalists and administrators with vast experience in education, specifically in student development, quality assurance and operational management, we are committed to providing schools with high quality services which are responsive to need.

Academy improvement

Academy improvement will be at the heart of all we do. Using data effectively to plan improvement strategies and set appropriate targets will be a key measure of individual academy and corporate success and effectiveness. Additionally, specialist support group known as the Academy Improvement Team (AIT) sourced from our outstanding academy members and a core Inspirational Futures Trust team will provide guidance and support across the Trust.

The AIT will:

  • Provide an Academies Improvement Advisor (AIA) who will visit the academy each term, carry out reviews and support the principal to address areas for improvement. They will produce reports for the academy which will be shared with the Inspirational Futures Trust Board on a regular basis
  • Carry out an Academy Improvement Review in the first term of academy status. This will form a baseline which will be monitored by the AIA to track improvement
  • Provide high quality data analysts to support the academy work with their AIA and to enable appropriate annual performance targets to be set
  • Provide consultancy support annually to address areas in need of improvement
  • Offer a comprehensive programme of CPD to enable academies to develop effective practice
  • Provide emergency input to support an academy to quickly and effectively deal with difficulties
  • Manage a good practice strategy which ensures that we share what is good and work collaboratively to support overall corporate progress.