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NSETC Students Get Involved in Childnet Digital Leaders Programme

Students Get Involved in Childnet Digital Leaders Programme

Students at the North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College (NSETC) have been taking part in the Childnet Digital Leaders Programme.

The programme is a pupil-led online safety programme open to all UK schools. Jo Last, Welfare and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer at NSETC, has successfully rolled the programme out with nine enthusiastic year 10 students.

The students will have access to online platforms, giving them opportunities to increase their knowledge, achieve recognition and collaborate with digital leaders in schools across the UK. They will lead online safety across the school and lead parents evenings, open days and assemblies.

The main goal for the students after their first meeting was getting the message across around safety in regards to grooming, sexual exploitation and sexting to their peers.

Darran George, Principal, said: “It’s fantastic to see the students getting involved and taking an interest in online safety.

“Learning about the potential dangers online, and being able to teach other young people about this, will create a generation who are more aware online and able to be safe and secure in an ever expanding digital environment.”