North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College

North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College

North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College (NSETC) is a 14-19 provider in Weston-super-Mare, providing a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) focussed curriculum which meets employers’ needs.

Partnership and collaboration is central to NSETC’s vision and the needs of employers and higher education institutions have been identified through much discussion and continuing engagement. Many employers work with NSETC in delivering and developing the school’s curriculum and their support, alongside the support of higher education institutions, is crucial to delivering successful outcomes for every student.

The extensive employer network and partnerships which are facilitated through the Trust and its member academies is key to ensuring NSETC is relevant, up-to-date and meets the needs of the wider community.


Darran George, Principal, NSETC

The support provided by our sponsor Weston College and the Trust has been crucial to the development of NSETC. As a 14-19 provider NSETC is set to revolutionise learning and recruitment in the region.

The days of measuring success by academic qualifications alone, are gone. Transferable skills, justifiable confidence, and real-world experience is what employers are asking for.

The range of facilities and experiences available to our students from across the Trust will provide a richness of experience that would not be possible without the ongoing support from the Trust and Weston College.