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New recruit joins team to drive employment exposure

Emma Cox has joined the NSETC as its new Business Development Coordinator.

Emma has worked in schools and colleges for the last seven years, developing and establishing links with local and national businesses, creating careers education programmes and engaging employers into the curriculum.

Emma’s role at the NSETC is to bridge the gap between education and employment. The NSETC is committed to giving students purposeful work placements and opportunities to link with career professionals throughout their education. As Business Development Coordinator, Emma’s key role is to give NSETC students those opportunities as well as to provide and support employer links throughout the school.

Emma is really excited about the opportunities offered to students through the NSETC, she said: “I’ll be working closely with local business networks to ensure NSETC students are equipped with all the skills and resources they need to succeed in the future as well as to broaden their knowledge of industry and careers through networking, trips and employer engagement.”

“Our students are interested in a wide range of STEM and business related careers and we want to give them a genuine insight into potential employment pathways.”

If you are interested in working with the NSETC as an employer or you would like to find out more about how NSETC students can engage with your business, please contact Emma on 01934 411477


Source: NSETC