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Historian holds Battle of Waterloo workshop at NSETC

History courses at NSETC

Students at North Somerset Enterprise and Technology College were given an insight into the Battle of Waterloo,1815, by 19th century history specialist Chris Brown.

He ran workshops with sixth form history students and engaged them in the strategy and battle between Wellington and Napoleon on 18 June 1815 which resulted in Napoleon’s defeat and peace in Europe.

Kay Trebaczyk, NSETC history teacher, said; “Having guest speakers in to talk to our students is a really good way of engaging their interest in areas of the subject that are sometimes difficult to understand from a text book.

“The study of history enables us to understand how our predecessors acted and responded to the challenges they faced, to study different and changing attitudes and the development and understanding of ideas, processes and technologies.”

She added: “History is an important subject at the NSETC, along with other humanities, social sciences, literary, and creative subjects.

“Although we have STEM and business specialisms, we believe that it’s crucial that students experience a broad and balanced curriculum which prepares them for life outside of school.”

Students in Key Stage 4 at NSETC follow the Schools History Project curriculum which covers medicine through time and Nazi Germany.  Once in the sixth form, students look at conflict and revolution in Britain in the 17th century, with a complementary study of the French Revolution a hundred years later. In Year 2, students move on to 19th and 20th century America.

The workshops received an enthusiastic response from students at NSETC, which is a specialist free school for students aged 14-19, and has a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), but also covers academic subjects such as history in its curriculum.

Jon Morgan, 17 said: “It allowed me to focus on Napoleon as a military tactician”, while Areeb Hussain 18 described the event as: “A very entertaining and novel presentation of the Battle of Waterloo.”

Ed Holtby, 20, added: “It gave me a new insight of a bird’s eye view on the Battle of Waterloo, rather than reading about the battle or watching a film.”

NSETC opened to students in September 2014, and is presently located at the South West Skills Campus at Weston College and will transfer to its own purpose-built campus near to Weston-super-Mare’s Junction 21 Enterprise Area in September 2016.

Source: NSETC