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Counting on the new maths team

A talented team has been recruited to spearhead the NSETC’s Mathematics teaching, which is a key element of the STEM provision.

The new Head of Maths is Assistant Principal Charlie Peake, who has 19 years’ teaching experience in a wide range of schools throughout the South West. Charlie has held the post of Head of Mathematics in two schools, and was seconded for two years as Secondary Mathematics Consultant for Devon.

He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a keen interest in promoting and making explicit the applications of mathematics within all aspects of every day life, with the aim of developing students’ transitional skills across all STEM subjects.

He said: “I am very excited at the prospect of contributing to the expansion of NSETC as the school continues to grow and flourish. It provides an enriched and unique opportunity for students to enhance their essential skills in preparation for the world of work and I am very much looking forward to supporting them in their development.”

Supporting Charlie is Maths teacher James Sully, who is also Head of the brand new Year 10 at NSETC, and who is equally excited at joining the NSETC team.

He said: “After working at Reading University as a researcher, and studying for a PhD in Economics, I have first-hand experience of the problems young people face, and have seen how the NSETC is able to prepare students for university or a career in industry.

“I have helped students conduct market research projects with companies as diverse as Unilever, Nestle and Innocent to small organic farms. Most recently, as a qualified mathematics eacher, I have spent an enjoyable two  years teaching at a secondary school in Weston-super-Mare.

“Having worked with companies in industry, I am familiar with what they want from potential employees, and NSETC is in the perfect position to equip students with all the skills and real-world experience they need to succeed and thrive.”

Charlie and James join existing NSETC Maths teacher Fiona Withers, who has been with the new school since it first opened last September.

She said: “I have always loved both physics and maths, and am lucky enough to teach both. “I studied applied mathematics as an undergraduate, then went on to complete my teacher training in physics, both at the University of Nottingham.

“As a student I volunteered for the Institute of Physics as part of their “Physics on the Road” team, and found that I loved helping young people to find out more about the world around them, something I still count as one of the best parts of my job today.

“My enthusiasm for earning is boundless and studied throughout my first few years of teaching; achieving my Masters n Education from Bishop Grosseteste university in July 2013.

“I believe that this enthusiasm for learning s one of the greatest qualities a student an have, whether they have been inspired y environmental concerns over our energy resources, a desire to design faster, afer cars, or even whether hey just love watching Brian ox on TV!”

Karen Cornick, NSETC Principal, said: “Since we’re lying the flag for STEM earning, it was essential that e established an extremely strong Mathematics teaching team. I’m excited about the appointments we have made, and, more importantly, I am confident they have the knowledge and ability to provide NSETC learners with all the mathematical skills they need to help further their careers.”



Source: NSETC