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Children put on puppet show

CHILDREN from primary schools in Weston-super-Mare got to devise their own puppet show to perform in front of their friends and family.

Children’s World is a charity which has been running since 1981 and it works with children of all abilities.

The charity ran a number of workshops at The Campus, in Highlands Lane, for pupils from Herons’ Moor Academy, Mendip Green Primary School and Baytree School.

The charity specialises in running workshops which improve children’s confidence and self-esteem, it focuses on the integration and inclusion of all children.

Children’s World held the sessions from Monday 18th April to Friday 22nd April.

The workshops enabled the children to get to know each other before they got to make their own puppets, design three sets for their own puppet show, which was performed to classmates and parents on Friday 22nd April.

Teacher Nick Smart said: “Children from Herons’ Moor, Baytree School and Mendip Green Primary joined forces to write a play from scratch using their own characters and settings.

“They then worked together to make puppets for the performance and the week culminated in a special performance to parents and children.

“The children produced a spectacular show. They enjoyed working as a team and made many new friends.”

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