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Core purpose & principles

Principles for success

All academies within the Inspirational Futures Trust will be expected to support the following principles, shared values and commitment to transformation which the Trust believe are the key to high standards and on-going success. These are:

  1. Student achievement in all its forms is at the heart of everything we do
  2. That all staff and students are valued, supported and given opportunities to develop ideas and innovative practices
  3. That all staff give 100% commitment to supporting our students to excel
  4. Collaboration and support for each other ensures a strong and effective organisation and will help prepare students for life after education
  5. Consultation and collaboration at all times with all members of the network will ensure progress for all
  6. Network commitment to supporting academies with the greatest need will mean that they can succeed as well as others
  7. Commitment to meaningful learning opportunities to ensure no student fails to achieve and progress to a useful, fulfilling and appropriate life pathway
  8. The strengthening of parental engagement, community cohesion and the development of a learning community model
  9. Developing innovative solutions to challenges and change including maximising the use of new technologies to strengthen independent learning.