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Our commitment

To our students

At Inspirational Futures Trust we believe it is imperative to give a commitment to all who we support.

The students within all our academies are our highest priority. We need to demonstrate our pledge to them, to support them to achieve and be able to access life opportunities.

This means that we will:

  • Support all students to achieve at the highest level
  • Ensure that all students in primary education will achieve at least 2 levels of progress before they transfer to secondary education
  • Ensure that all students in secondary education achieve a progression qualification of at least 5 good GCSE’s, including English and Maths, supported by a recognised industry qualification, with achievement levels of 5 GCSE’s either matching or exceeding national averages
  • Offer all students, in all phases, learning personalised to their needs
  • Offer all students, in all phases, innovative and cutting edge e-learning opportunities ensuring all students are able to master new technologies as they emerge
  • Offer careers and vocational advice at all stages to ensure that no student leaves education without a career plan
  • Offer students the opportunity to be recognised for their achievement through varied and high profile award strategies
  • Ensure that all students are well prepared for managing their life beyond education
  • Offer all students an entitlement to a range of extra curriculum experiences which broaden their horizons and raises their expectations.

To our academies

We believe that we have a responsibility to support, challenge and guide our academies and their staff to ensure success, both individually and organisationally. Our support will be differentiated to ensure that all academies succeed.

All academies will receive core services and support as outlined below, we will:

  • Support to ensure that they meet all legal, statutory and financial requirements
  • Support appropriately to improve year on year, ultimately achieving ‘Outstanding’ in an Ofsted inspection
  • Support to develop a wider community strategy to encourage parental participation, but also to develop opportunities to enhance future occupational and vocational understanding
  • Offer high quality CPD opportunities for all staff to support job and career excellence
  • Offer high quality, innovative ICT networking solutions for all staff
  • Offer principals and senior staff the opportunity to influence national policy through networking, collaborative working and lobbying
  • Monitor all aspects of academy work to ensure high quality provision is continually delivered
  • Support academies with challenges and ensure they are able to deal with them swiftly and effectively
  • Provide the opportunity for staff and their organisations to be recognised for exceptional achievements.