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About us


The ethos of the Inspirational Futures Trust is aspirational and inclusive learning at all levels. Through collaboration and partnership the Inspirational Futures Trust academies will provide all young people in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset and the wider region with enriching academic and vocational programmes which prepare them for successful careers and healthy, confident and active livelihoods.

Inspirational Futures Trust recognises that a “one size fits all” approach does not guarantee success. Our approach of encouraging and supporting difference, although ambitious, allows academies to maintain their character and uniqueness whilst raising their overall quality standards.


The following are most important to Inspirational Futures Trust:

  • Improving education for all children and young people across North Somerset and the wider region
  • Providing a high quality education pathway from nursery to higher education
  • Encouraging uniqueness and championing the ‘one size does not fit all’ approach
  • Refusing to compromise on quality across all functions and academies
  • Identifying specialisms and areas of outstanding practice within each academy with a view to establishing cross-organisational support
  • Allowing every young person across the Trust to benefit from specialist facilities and resources
  • Facilitating the mobilisation of expertise between/across organisations
  • Sharing good practice and experience across academies
  • Providing high quality motivated staff with opportunities to expand their experience and expertise across the Trust.


The Inspirational Futures Trust will:

Support its members and associates in raising aspirations of young people and their ambitions for their future success.

Contribute to producing well-rounded, confident and active citizens and who are able to maximise every opportunity for progression through primary, secondary and further education into higher education, apprenticeships or employment.

Offer a broad range of specialist academic, vocational and technical learning enabling each student to study and achieve in a style best suited to their individual needs and aspirations.

Be an inclusive hub of excellence. By providing innovative and dynamic approaches to learning, tailored to meet student needs regardless of ability, culture or gender within specialist environments.

Combine, share and utilise the highest academic standards and levels of expertise across its academies and partners to design and develop the curriculum, skills and teaching practices required to progress students through the stages of education and onto suitable career paths.