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A taste of univeristy life

NSETC students have this term been attending the University of the West of England (UWE) for taster days to give them experience of independent, university life. The days support NSETC’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) specialism and include a lecture, a practical lesson in one of UWE’s laboratories, summative activities and free time on the university’s campus.

Dan Robinson NSETC’s Innovation and Learning Lead said: “We are extremely grateful to UWE for offering our students this fantastic opportunity to experience science subjects at university. It is so important that students understand that there is more to their course than what first appears, and this opportunity to explore these subjects is a unique and brilliant way for them to discover the wider areas of study available. We hope that this raises our students’ aspirations and engages them to see the relevance of science courses and careers to their chosen pathway.”

The taster days focus on three particular scientific areas: biomedical science with practical work on nerve conduction velocity, forensic science with practical work on analysis of bodily fluids and environmental science with practical work on adaptive response. They are aimed at students studying A Level Science, Health and Social Care, Sports and Exercise Science and Applied Science BTEC. They are a result of NSETC’s link with the University of West of England as a STEM school for the South West region.

Charlie Waugh, who attended a recent session, said: “I thought it was a brilliant afternoon, and really enjoyed experiencing life at UWE in their science labs.” “We shocked our arms to see the speed of nervous impulse, which was something we would not have been able to experience in our normal studies, and we were able to use some of the cool equipment that you only get to use at university level.” The lecture was fascinating and gave us a real insight into the subject and made the practical work more relevant. Overall, it was a useful look into what life is like at university and I can’t wait to go to the forensics session next week.


Source: NSETC