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Welcome to Inspirational Futures Trust.


Statement from our Chief Executive

“I believe that as the academies strategy develops there is a need for more ethically motivated sponsors to expand their networks and support more schools to make this transition.

Inspirational Futures Trust is a new but expanding sponsor of academies, and is part of the Weston College Group. It is run and managed by a highly skilled team of educationalists and administrators with vast experience in education, specifically in student development, quality assurance and operational management.

As CEO of Inspirational Future Trust I believe that all students deserve a first class education, that all students have the opportunity to succeed, progress and meet future challenges by receiving high quality teaching and learning, that all schools can be transformed to being judged as outstanding, and that all students can and should leave education well prepared for their life ahead academically, personally, emotionally and professionally. Inspirational Futures Trust and I are committed to providing excellence for all students.”


Inspirational Futures Trust
Weston College Group